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It is our honor to provide handcrafted caskets that are made using old-world casket manufacturing methods. Our products are not made on an assembly line, but rather by skilled artisans who appreciate how important this purchase is.

Our Mission

We work to provide the industry with more than simply caskets but perfect expressions of love to begin the healing process.

Company Overview

It is our honor to provide handcrafted caskets that are made using old-world casket manufacturing methods. We have nationwide shipping capabilities just give us a call.


Our main goal is to best serve the customer. I think it is a moral responsibility to reach the right product to the right customers at the right price.

Mechael Balshin

About Michael Balshin

His business model is based on insights he developed while working with funeral directors. His primary concerns center around making sure that his caskets are of great quality, arrive on time, and are within cost-conscious pricing. These factors contribute to L & G is Michaels personal concern for clients and the families they serve. Michael has a genuine curiosity about the perception of all those he meets.

About Company

In the back of his office is a warehouse that holds hundreds and hundreds of caskets lined up in neat, tight rows, organized for easy mobility. When a funeral director comes in, Michael casually strolls down past his large inventory and treats them as if they're the most important person in the world. funeral directors often come in having no idea that L & G existed. Whenever Michael is asked why few have heard of the great quality and prices of his caskets, he laughs. we don't need to spend money on marketing. we pass on the savings to our clients. Many funeral directors already know about us and our reputation in the industry grows every day on its own.

Michaels steady network is not restricted to the Northeast part of the United States. Michael has relationships with funeral homes all across the nation due to his products and a great reputation for quality.

When asked why he decided to open the new location Michael responded A lot of the funeral directors I knew years ago often remarked, it's not like the good old days any more I thought it was time we gave that old school, personal relationship style back to them. The world is always changing, but good business is just that-good business.
Give Michael a call any time to discuss how he can help you with his products at 347-244-2927

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